Aeglos - 5th July 2012 Bay Gelding  
Mahler x Lurriga Jenny

Aforementioned - 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding  
Zanzibari x Parcelle De Sou 

Alighted- 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding    
Getaway x Knocksouna Lady
Half brother to teddy Tee and Vinnies Time

Alighting - 1st June.2012 Bay Mare   
Kayf Tara x Dalamine

All the Answers -28th Feb. 2011 Brown Gelding   (H 132)  
Kayf Tara x Shatabdi

Anywayyoulookatit - 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding 
Presenting x Whyalla.

Arkwrisht - 18th May 2010 Bay Gelding  
Larrico x Latitude

Ash Hill - 5th May 2014 Bay Gelding   Horse Profile - Jockey Colours       
Aizavoski x Sarah Marshall
Half Brother to Carumba

Assemble - 3rd April 2014 Bay Gelding  
Getaway x Annaghbrack

Baboin - 2014 Bay Gelding  owner details   
Creachador x Brouhaha
Half brother to 3 time race winner Bapaume 

Ballybrowney Jack - 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding   
Martaline x Rainbow Memory 

Ballyneety - 25th April 2013 Bay Gelding 
Milan x Rock Me Gently

Beautiful Citi - 14th May 2014 Bay Filly      
Fame and Glory x Going for Home

Big Ben - 1st Mar. 2013 Bay Gelding  
Galileo x Flirtation

Boragh Beat - 12th May 2014 Bay Filly Horse Profile - Jockey Colours     
Beat Hollow x Mae's Choice
Has run 6 times . She is still a Maiden

Border Control - 4th May 2013 Bay Gelding  Horse Profile - Jockey Colours 
Mahler  x Annas Rule 

Boston Spray - 6th April 2012 Bay Gelding owner details
Presenting x Coonagh Cross

Castle Howard - 6th Mar. 2013 Bay Gelding   
Excelebration x Four Eleven

Castle Oliver - 2014 Grey Gelding          
Stowaway x Belle Innocence
Half brother to 4 time race winner Innocent Girl
Unraced to date

Champagne Paddy - 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding  owner details
Doyen x Shampooed

Chateau Conti - 26th April 2012  Bay Gelding  owner details  
Vendangeur x Regina Conti

Chead Solas - 1st Jan 2014 Chestnut Gelding          
Flemensfirth x Lunar Beauty

Choungaya - 15th Mar. 2013 Bay Gelding 
Walk In The Park x Autorite

City Hall - 2014 Chestnut Gelding        
Galileo x Cape Columbine

Commandant - 2013 Brown Gelding          
Presenting x Miss Nomer

Cut Em Down - 6th April 2013 Bay Gelding      
Getaway x Hartwell Lake

Darasso - 16th May 2013 Bay Gelding  
Konig Turf x Nassora
Half brother to 4 time race winner Urallia

Deilginis - 2014 Bay Mare owner details    
Flemensfirth x Square Sphere

Denwork - 1st April 2013 Grey Gelding    
Network x Promo d' Alienor

Derby De Thaix - 16th April 2013 Bay Gelding owner details
Coastal Path x Rica De Thaix

Desir Du Large - 9th Feb. 2013 Grey Gelding        
Zambezi Sun x Rapsodie Sea
Half brother to 2 time race winner Cap Horner 

Dlauro - 20th April 2013 Bay Gelding   
Lauro x Gergorie De Bussy

Early Doors - 1st Jan.2013 Bay Gelding  
Soldier Of Fortune x Ymlaen (Grade 3 Winner )

Edna - 1st Jan.2014 Bay Filly    
Alnamix x Norma

Edwulf-  27th April 2011 Bay Gelding 
Kayf Tara x Valentines Lady (Grade 1 Winner )

Eklat De Rire - 2014 Bay Gelding  owner details       
Saddex x Rochdale

Embittered - 1st April 2014 Bay gelding     
Fame And Glory x Kilbarry Classic
Half brother to race winner Precious Cargo.

Entoucas - 4th March 2014 Bay Gelding             
Network x Mouss De Bois
Half brother to 2 time race winner Cousin Germain 

Etincelle Lioterie - 1st June 2014 Bay Filly   
Saddler Maker x Ya D'la Joie
Dam's first foal from the Family of Robin Des Champs

Eviscerating - 28th April 2012 Grey Gelding 2012        
Court Cave x Titanic Quarter
He is a half brother to 3 time race winner Racing Europe

Exactoris - 2nd April 2011 Bay Gelding     
Shantou x Klezmer

Fakir D'oudairies - 11th April 2015 Bay Gelding          
Kapgarde x Niagria Du Bois. ( Grade 2 winner)

Fight For The Roses - 6th Feb. 2015 Bay Colt     
Galileo x Gwynn
Half Brother to Group 1 Epsom Derby Winner Pour Moi. Full brother to race winners Kissed and Giant Redwood

Filon D'oudairies - 2015 Bay Gelding    
Della Francesca x Suite D'oudairies

Fine Brunello - 2nd March 2015 Bay Gelding    
Al Namix x Sweet Brune

Front View - 2015 Grey Gelding  Horse Profile - Jockey Colours 
Konig Turf x Tumavue

Fulysse - 12th June 2013 Bay Mare  owner details     NEW HORSE    
Della Francesca x Fuela Pass
Half Sister to 4 time race winner Lucky Pass

Galilean - 21st January 2014 Bay Gelding        
Galileo x Hawala
Full brother to 5 time race winner Flag of Honour
Half brother to 5 time race winner Numean

Gardens Of Babylon  - 30th April 2015 Bay Gelding    
Camelot x Condition
Full brother to race winner and stablemate Millswyn 

Gipsy Lee Rose - 24th April 2014 Grey Filly   Horse Profile - Jockey Colours      
Walk In The Park x Vanoo D'orthe
Dams first foal 

Glen Of Aherlow - 28th March 2014 Bay Gelding  
Getaway x Tierney's Choice
Dam was unraced from the family of Benvolio
Bought by Joseph at Goffs Ireland Land Rover sale in 2017

Gold Seal - 11th Mar 2014 Bay Gelding  
Galileo x Nell Gwyn

Good Scent - 1st Jan. 2013 Bay Mare owner details  
Doyen X Inistioge

Hallmark - 9 Mar.2012 Bay Gelding    
Montjeu x Starlight Night

Hardback - 5th April 2011 Bay Gelding      
Morozov x Alphablend

Hawthorn - 20th April 2015 Bay Gelding      
Galileo x My Renee
Half brother to 7 time race winner Banimpire

Hedonism - 21st April 2015 Bay Filly owner details     NEW HORSE    
Excelebration x Zamindar
Half sister to 2 time race winners The Dark Wizard & Vallado 

High Sparrow -  5th June 2013 Chestnut Gelding  owner details 
Shantou x Belladventure

Housesofparliament -19th May 2013 Chestnut Gelding  
Galileo x Sharp Lisa

Inca Gold - 26th March 2014 Bay Gelding          
Galileo x Queen Of France
Ex Ballydoyle horse

Jack Dillinger - 26th April 2011 Bay Gelding Horse Profile - Jockey Colours 
Westerner x Peppardstown

Konitho - 19th March 2015 Grey Gelding       
Konig Turf x Haute Chartreuse

Landofhopeandglory - 5th April 2013 Bay Gelding  
High Chaparral x Wurfklinge (Grade 3 winner x 2)

Leave Your Mark  - 1st Jan. 2013 Bay Gelding   
Oscar x Daring Tina

Le Richebourg - 1st Jan. 2013 Bay Gelding    
Network X Fee Magic (Grade 1 Winner  x 2 & Grade 3 winner  )

Lilmaurice - 2nd June 2013 Bay Gelding  Horse Profile - Jockey Colours     
Olden Times x Desperately Hoping

Little Light - 7th April 2014 Bay Mare Horse Profile - Jockey Colours  
Walk In The Park x Luna Rossa 

Lone Wolf - 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding  
Gold Well  x Luna Lovegood 

Majurca - 20th May 2014 Bay Gelding        
Maresca Sorrento x Majature
Half brother to race winner Majacalie

Marchese Marconi - 28th May 2009 Bay Gelding   
Galileo x Charroux

Marlbrook - 27th April 2008 Bay Gelding    
Beneficial x Drinadaly

Melay - 28th March 2015 Bay Gelding  owner details    
Lord Du Sud x Elsamoon

Meticulous- 2014 Bay Gelding      
Fame and Glory x Refinement

Midnight Run - 18th May 2014 Bay Gelding   
Well Chosen x Knockamullen 

Miss Pernickety - 2014 Bay Mare   owner details   
Jeremy x Maisie Presenting
Half sister to 3 time race winner Lust For Glory 

Monarch 8th May 2013 Bay Gelding     
Galileo x Secret Garden

Mortal -  1st Jan. 2012 Bay Gelding      
King's Theatre x Pomme Tiepy.

North Carolina - 9th May 2014 Bay Gelding   
Galileo x Tarbella

Oathkeeper - 1st April 2010 Bay Gelding  
Oscar x Lady Lamb

On Call - 20th April 2013 Bay Gelding owner details
Flemensfirth x Oscar's Reprieve
Full brother to race winner Secret Reprieve

Paris Texas - 28th Feb. 2013 Bay Gelding   
Kapgarde x Parice De La Borie 

Petit Tartare - 27th Feb. 2014 Bay Gelding  owner details 
Heliostatic x Nuance Tartare

Plinth - 16th Mar 2010 Bay Gelding 
Montjeu x Crazy Volume (Grade 3 Winner)

Presenting Lilly - 1st Jan.2013 Bay Mare    
Presenting x La Brave

Punches Cross - 20th April 2013 Bay Gelding  
Stowaway x The Marching Lady

Rhinestone - 13th Feb. 2013 Bay Gelding       
Montjeu x Apticanti

Ronnoco - 1st Jan. 2014 Bay Gelding owner details    
Roderic O'Connor x Opatja

Scarlet And Dove - 22nd April 2014 Bay Mare    
Jeremy x Dark Mimosa 

Sempo - 2014 Bay Gelding  owner details  
Oscar x Miss Cozzene

Shady Operator- 19th May 2013 Bay Gelding   
Court Cave x Native Artist

Si Gaoth - 7th April 2013  Bay Mare owner details 
Presenting x Lisrenny Lady

Silk And Sand- 1st Jan. 2014 Bay Filly Horse Profile - Jockey Colours   
Beat Hollow x Didinas

Sir Erec - 2015 Bay Colt    
Camelot x Quiritis
Ex Ballydoyle inmate. Dam's first race winner  (Grade 1 winner)

Slowmotion - 16th Mar 2012 Bay /Brown Mare 
Soldier of Fortune x Second Emotion (Grade 3 Winner)

Smoking Gun - 1st Jan. 2013 Bay Gelding      
Goldwell x The Wounded Cook

Speak Easy - 6th April. 2013 Bay Gelding     
Beneficial x For Bill

Star Max - 8th March 2015 Bay Gelding     
Maxios x Starmissima
Half Brother to 2 time race winner Superba

State of the Art -1st Feb. 2014 Bay Gelding     
Galileo x Queenscliff 

Stowie Belle - 25th May 2013 Bay Mare Horse Profile - Jockey Colours 
Stowaway x Vast Consumption
Dams first foal

Subset - 29th April 2014 Bay Gelding owner details   
Dahjee x Secret Flutter

Successor - 16th Mar. 2013 Bay Gelding    
Galileo x Dame Again

Tesseract- 17th March 2011 Bay Gelding  
Trans Island x Ballingar Lady

The Gunner Murphy - 1st Jan. 2013 Brown Gelding      
Oscar x River Finn

The Moyglass Flyer - 19th April 2014 Bay Gelding             
Galileo x Luas Line
Full brother to 6 time race winner Jolly Gene, 4 time race winner Ballyglasheen and race winner Impulsive Moment.

Thermistocles -  3rd April 2012 Bay Gelding  owner details 
Oscar x Alpine View

Time To Get Up - 14th Jan. 2013 Chestnut Gelding 
Presenting x Gales Return

Top Moon - 2015 Bay Gelding     
Spanish Moon x Courtaline 
His sire has sired 5 time race winner Laurina, she's a Grade 1 winner

Touch Of Oscar - 20th April 2014 Bay Gelding Horse Profile - Jockey Colours      
Touch Of Land x Raheen Lady
Half brother to two time race winner Gallahers Cross and race winner Call Of The Loon.
Tower Bridge - 2nd March 2013 Bay Gelding    
High Chaparral x Walkamia (Grade 1 Winner)

Treasure Chest - 16 March 2013 Bay Gelding    
Galileo x Bonheur  

Tree of Knowledge - 4th Jan. 2013 Bay Gelding 
Oasis Dream x Wonder of Wonders

Triplicate -  28th Feb. 2013  Bay Gelding  
Galileo x Devoted To You

Twentyman - 4th May 2013 Bay Gelding Horse Profile - Jockey Colours 
Milan x Miami Nights
He is a half brother to race winners Florida Calling & Miami Present
Unraced to date

Uisce Beatha - 15th May 2013 Bay Gelding   
Yeats x Hataana

Unicorn - 27th Mar. 2013 Bay Gelding   
Galileo x One Moment in Time

Us And Them - 2nd April 2013 Bay Gelding Horse Profile - Jockey Colours  
Stowaway x Manorville

Vieux Morvan-  4th May 2009 Bay /Brown Gelding owner details 
Voix Du Nord x Moskoville

Vinnie The Hoddie - 1st Jan. 2014 Bay Gelding Horse Profile - Jockey Colours  
Vinnie Roe x Blackwater Babe

Watch Guard - 14th March 2015 Bay Gelding      
Fastnet Rock x Sleeveless 
Half Brother to multiple race winners Frosty The Snowman Tyrell & Owning Hill Resident Perplexity
Unraced to date

Whatchamacallit- 14th Jan.2013 Chestnut Gelding   
Presenting x Jamie's Darling.

Wishmoor - 9th May 2010 Brown Gelding      
Winged Love x Presenting Dawn

Write It Down - 1st Jan. 2014 Bay Gelding        
Getaway x Kylebeg Krystle

Young Turk - 12th April 2011 Bay Gelding    
Poliglote x Jasminette Doree