Dual Purpose Horses in Training 2019 a work in progress

5YO+ Geldings (9)

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Chess Grand Master 

owner details Linger 

   Los Alamos    

  Tigris River 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours  West Coast Time  

  Air Supremacy 

owner details  Apparition   

owner details  Joe The Crow 

owner details  Wine List 

4YO Colts & Geldings (4)

 Band Of Outlaws 

 Rock Fish 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Shakespeare's Galley

owner details  The Game Of Life 

3YO Colts & Geldings (1)

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Vhagar

5YO+ Mares (2)

 Grey Waters 

  Song Of The Sky

4YO Fillies (0)