Where are they now 2019


Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Vitalogy  Now with Brendan P Walsh

owner details Chateau Conti  Sold     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours  West Coast Time  Sold  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Chess Grand Master  Sold 

 Tuatha De Dannan  Sold     

owner details Subset now with Paul Flynn

Fulysse Sold to Gavin Cromwell 

Baboin sold to Select Racing BS/Tim Vaughan

Eviscerating sold to Neville Ender

Wishmoor sold to Gaelic Bloodstock 

Commandant sold to Chris Gordon 

Arkwrisht sold to Gaelic Bloodstock

Cobb And Co now with MC Grassick    

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours But I Like It claimed from claiming race at Fairyhouse 17.07     


Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Jupiter Road Sold now with Nigel Tinkler

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Vivax sold now with Ruth Carr 

 Delgany sold now with Ramzi Alghul  

 Write It Down now with Jonjo O'Neill      

owner details Tigray sold now with M. Appleby     

owner details Holy Hymn Sold now with Kevin Frost     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Ifyouhaveaminute now with James Barcoe     

Rockfish claimed out of race at Gowran Park by Johnny Levins        

Christopher Robin Sold to Tom Lacey   

Little Light Sold to Highflyer Bloodstock   

Denwork sadly no longer with us     


Rattling Jewel   owner details   now with JJ Lambe     

Derby De Thaix  owner details  now with Denis Hogan   

Sir Erec sadly no longer with us 

Vinnie The Hoddie  Horse Profile - Jockey Coloursnow with Oliver Sherwood    

Play With The Wind  Now with Niall Madden      

Maifitz's Madonna  Now with Gerard Kelleher        

Shuri    Sold     

Recovery Road Horse Profile - Jockey Colours   Sold    

Commodus  Sold      

Camile now with Iain Jardine    

Bhutan now with Jonjo O'Neill

Far Reach  Horse Profile - Jockey Colours  sadly no longer with us