National Hunt Winners

Gardens Of Babylon 30th April 2015 Bay Gelding Camelot x Condition   UPDATED  


Shady Operator 19th May 2013 Bay Gelding Court Cave x Native Artist   UPDATED  


Ash Hill - 5th May 2014 Bay Gelding Aizavoski x Sarah Marshall        


Smoking Gun 1st Jan. 2013 Bay Gelding Goldwell x The Wounded Cook              


Sir Erec  16th March 2015 Bay Colt Camelot x Quiritis     


Le Richebourg - 1st Jan. 2013 Bay Gelding Network X Fee Magic    


Band Of Outlaws 3rd April 2015 Bay Gelding Fast Company x Band of Colour     


Punches Cross  20th April 2013 Bay Gelding Stowaway x The Marching Lady    


Desir Du Large 9th Feb. 2013 Grey Gelding Zambezi Sun x Rapsodie Sea         


Jack Dillinger 26th April 2011 Bay Gelding Westerner x Peppardstown          


Lone Wolf 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding Gold Well  x Luna Lovegood        


Mortal  1st Jan. 2012 Bay Gelding King's Theatre x Pomme Tiepy      


Scarlet And Dove  22nd April 2014 Bay Filly Jeremy x Dark Mimosa   


Aforementioned  1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding Zanzibari x Parcelle De Sou       


The Moyglass Flyer 19th April 2014 Bay Gelding Galileo x Luas Line     


Inca Gold 26th march 2014 Bay Gelding Galileo x Queen Of France    


Ballyneety 25th April 2013 Bay Gelding Milan x Rock Me Gently       


Commandant 2013 Brown Gelding Presenting x Miss Nomer            


All the Answers 28th Feb. 2011 Brown Gelding Kayf Tara x Shatabdi         


Chead Solas 1st Jan 2014 Chestnut Gelding Flemensfirth x Lunar Beauty           

Thermistocles 3rd April 2012 Bay Gelding Oscar x Alpine View        


Us And Them  2nd April 2013 Bay Gelding Stowaway x Manorville        


Rhinestone 13th Feb. 2013 Bay Gelding  Montjeu x Apticanti      


Silk And Sand- 1st Jan. 2014 Bay Filly Beat Hollow x Didinas     


Los Alamos 25th April 2013 Bay Gelding Galileo x Artistique    


Midnight Run  18th May 2014 Bay Gelding Well Chosen x Knockamullen   


Young Turk (12th April'11) B G Poliglote x Jasminette Doree       



Choungaya 15th Mar. 2013 Bay Gelding Walk In The Park x Autorite       


Le Richebourg 1st Jan. 2013 Bay Gelding Network X Fee Magic       


Vinnie The Hoddie 1st Jan. 2014 Bay Gelding  Vinnie Roe x Blackwater Babe          


Triplicate 28th Feb. 2013  Bay Gelding Galileo x Devoted To You               


Petit Tartare  27th Feb. 2014 Bay Gelding Heliostatic x Nuance Tartare    


Air Supremacy 2014 Bay Gelding Galileo x Crystal Valkyrie             


Gold Seal 11th Mar 2014 Bay Gelding Galileo x Nell Gwyn        


Beautiful Citi 14th May 2014 Bay Filly Fame and Glory x Going for Home          


Paris Texas 28th Feb. 2013 Bay Gelding Kapgarde x Parice De La Borie 


Monarch 8th May 2013 Bay Gelding Galileo x Secret Garden   


Dawn In The Park 20th April 2012 Bay Mare Walk In The Park x Sainte Parfaite    


Meticulous 27th April 2014 Bay Gelding Fame And Glory x Refinement 


Cheap And Cheerful 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding Shirocco x Shayaza  


Glocca Mora 29th April 2014  Bay Gelding Fame And Glory x Larkbarrow   


Treasure Chest 16 Mar 2013 Bay Gelding Galileo x Bonheur 


Housesofparliament 19th May 2013 Chestnut Gelding Galileo x Sharp Lisa            


Ballybrowney Jack 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding Martaline x Rainbow Memory    


Hardback 5th April 2011 Bay Gelding Morozov x Alphablend 


Cut Em Down 6th April 2013 Bay Gelding  Getaway x Hartwell Lake       


Lone Wolf 1st Jan 2013 Bay Gelding Gold Well  x Luna Lovegood            


Uisce Beatha 15th May 2013 Bay Gelding Yeats x Hataana 


High Sparrow 5th June 2013 Chestnut Gelding Shantou x Belladventure         


Edwulf 27th April 2011 Bay Gelding  Kayf Tara x Valentines Lady                      


Tower Bridge 2nd March 2013 Bay Gelding High Chaparral x Walkamia 


Flat & All Weather Winners Gallery

The Game Of Life 1st Jan. 2015 Bay Gelding Oasis Dream x Velvet Star.  UPDATED


King's Field 1st Jan. 2015 Bay Colt Kodiac x Mimiteh                  


Shadow Seven 1st Jan. 2014 Grey Gelding Mastercraftsman x Flores Del Lago          


Too Precious 1st Jan. 2015 Bay Filly Holy Roman Emperor x Delicate Charm         

King's Vow 25th March 2016 Bay Colt Frankel x Seven Magicians        


Equitant 2015 Chestnut Gelding Equiano x Intrusion    


Kiss For Luck  21st March 2016 Bay Filly Zoffany x Yesterday      


Vhagar 8th March 2016 Bay Gelding Dandy Man x Cosi     


Tuamhain 17th Jan. 2015  Bay Filly Mayson x Gandini 


Downdraft 26th Feb. 2015 Bay Colt Camelot x Cinnamon Rose    


Rainbow Moonstone 25th Jan. 2016 Holy Roman Emperor x Moonstone Magic    


Perfect Tapatino 20th April 2014 Bay Colt Perfect Soul x Tapatina          


Arcturus 23rd Feb. 2016 Bay Colt Fast Company x Mawu          


Millswyn  24th April 2016 Bay Colt  Camelot x Condition        


Cnoc An Oir 1 st Jan. 2016 Bay Filly Born To Sea x Witch Of Fife    


Irdessa 2016 Bay Filly Ruler Of The World x Senta's Dream           

Image result for iridessa fillies mile

Ship of Dreams 19th April. 2015 Chestnut Filly Lope de Vega x Oh Sedulous     


No Needs Never 15th March 2016 Brown Colt No Nay Never x Opera Fan   


Dramatise 1st May 2015 Bay Filly Intikhab x Typecast             


Best Not Argue 25th Feb. 2012 Bay Mare Acclamation x Laurentina      


Cascabel 2015 Bay Filly Nathaniel x American Spirit      


Elleanthus 2016 Bay Filly War Command x Holy Alliance   


Song Of The Sky 3rd April 2013 Chestnut Mare Rip Van Winkle x Holy Moly    


Baby Pink 25th Feb. 2015 Bay Filly Invincible Spirit x Dress Rehearsal     


Rattling Jewel 20th Feb. 2012 Bay Gelding Royal Applause x Mutoon         


Aibell 1st Jan. 2015 Bay Filly Holy Roman Emperor x Leonia       


Colfer Me 1st Jan. 2016 Bay Colt  Canford Cliffs x Thistlestar    


Flicker Flame 14th April 2014 Bay Filly  Born To Sea x Xaloc    


Cosmic Horizon 21st March 2016 Bay Colt Excelebration x Flavia Tatiana    


Rockabill 1st January 2015 Colt Fastnet Rock x Tebee    


Stella D'Oro 6th March 2015 Bay Colt Sea the Stars x Awesome D'oro      


Pedisnap 7th April 2014 Bay Filly Footstepsinthesand x Snap Alarm    


Speak In Colours 11th March 2015 Excelebration x Maglietta Fina 


Julienne 4th Feb. 2015 Bay Filly Galileo x Blue Cloud        


Focus Of Attention 5th Mar. 2014 Chestnut Filly Intense Focus x Precipitous   


Waitingfortheday 24th May 2015 Bay Filly Elzaam x Wiolante


Ming 1st Jan. 2015 Bay Gelding Pour Moi x Persian Filly   


Faradays Law 15th April 2014 Bay Filly Lawman x Faraday Light    


Eos 23rd Jan. 2015 Bay Filly Declaration Of War x Holy Alliance 


Vallambrosa 2nd April 2016 Bay Filly Holy Roman Emperor x Sleeveless    


Amthaa1st Jan. 2014 Bay Filly Exceed and Excel x Darajaat  


Band Of Outlaws  3rd April 2015 Bay Gelding  Fast Company x Band of Colour


Latrobe 28th Jan. 2015 Brown Colt Camelot x Question Time  


Cava 6th May 2016 Bay Filly Acclamation  x Royal Fizz 1 win in 2 starts      


Tissiak 19th Feb. 2015 Bay Filly Fastnet Rock x Belesta      


Arthurian Fame 18th Mar. 2015 Bay Colt Camelot x Wishing   


Rockfish 16th April 2015 Bay Gelding Fast Company x Monet's Lady   


Medal Of Honour 11th May 2015 Chestnut Colt Lope De Vega x Rich Gift  

Wisdom Mind 20th March 2015 Bay Filly Dark Angel x Alina           


Dynabee 26th March 2015 Grey/Roan Filly English Channel x Dandyna  


Camile 23rd April 2013 Bay Mare Captain Rio x Heroic Performer     


Light Pillar 1st April 2014 Bay Colt Galileo x Burning Sunset    


Drapers Guild 7th April 2015 Chestnut Colt Dutch Art x Euroceleb 


Now You're Talking 5th Feb. 2015 Bay Filly Zoffany x Granadilla