Zoom Zoom Babe - Footstepsinthesand x Blues In Cee    UPDATED   

New York Girl -New Approach x Annee Lumiere         

 Lovee Dovee-Galileo x Celestial Lagoon       

Speak In Colours Excelebration x Maglietta Fina     
Myth Creation -More Than Ready x Mabadi  

Chrysalism-Starspangledbanner x Song Of The Sea       

Iridessa -Ruler Of The World x Senta's Dream      

Severus Alexander- Zoffany x Sacrosanct  

Franklin Street- No Nay Never x Queen Bodicea        

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Air Force Jet -Charm Spirit x Windfire      

Lady Penelope -Night Of Thunder x Step Sequence      

Waitingfortheday - Elzaam x Wiolante  

Royal Aide - Galileo x Palace     

Phase After Phase -Siyouni x Pollyanna   

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Buckhurst Australia x Artful    

Brook On Fifth -Champs Elysees x Slieve 

Perfect Tapatino- Perfect Soul x Tapatina  

Latrobe- Camelot x Question Time   

Linger -Cape Cross x Await So     

Downdraft -  Camelot x Cinnamon Rose     

Vitalogy- No Nay Never x Sylvestris   

Red Tea - Sakhee x Maimoona    

Latin Five- Camacho x Penolva    

Unforgettable - Muhaarar x Annabelle Ja  

Alligator Alley - Kingman x Overturned    

Jumellea - Zoffany x In My Dreams      

Fancy Footings -Dandy Man x Mystical Past 

Syrena -Gale Force Ten x Jamrah            

True Blue Moon -Holy Roman Emperor  x Fancy Intense        

Shakespear'sgalley Galileo x Lady Shakespeare     

A New Dawn  - Zoffany x Simply A Star    

Flicker Flame -Born To Sea x Xaloc    

Crossfire Hurricane- Kitten's Joy x Louvakhova       

Royal Affair -Kingman x Gimasha       

Cnoc An Oir - Born To Sea x Witch Of Fife     

Little Clarinet -Requinto x Filandre    

Lustful - Maxios x Paramita    

Light Breeze-Es Que Love x Chatifa     

A Wave Of The Sea - Born To Sea x  je T'adore     

Esprit De Lumiere -Invincible Spirit x Faraday Light      

Altair - Australia x Eccentricity      

Arthurian Fame -Camelot x Wishing    

Eminent Authority -Frankel x L’ancresse     

King's Vow –Frankel x Seven Magicians    

Snapraeceps- Canford Cliffs x Snap Alarm    

Linger - Cape Cross x Await So   

Master Of Reality -Frankel x L'Ancresse   

Isotope -Footstepsinthesand x Beach Of Falesa 

Rockfish- Fast Company x Monet's Lady   

Cimeara- Vocalised x Gold Mirage 

Chess Grand Master - Galileo x Rimth 

The Game Of Life - Oasis Dream x Velvet Star.  

Numerian - Holy Roman Emperor x Delicate Charm 

Roger That - Swiss Spirit x Robema