Mrs A M O'Brien Joseph's mother owner of The Game Of Life, Isotope, Heir Of Excitement, Marylebone, Numerian, Eria, Jumellea, Severus Alexander, Irradiate, Serenely, Divine Truth, Commodus, Light Breeze, Flaxen, Septimus Severus, Light Of Fire, Parisian Express, Shuri, Altair, Cerberus, Presenting Lily, Far Fetched, Centaurian, Spirit Of Time, Ambiguity,On Ice, Perfect Pitch, Joshua Faraday, Needs to be Seen, Watch Guard, Damselfly, Fabulae, Feadan,Karkadan,Cornelius Sulla.

 Annus Mirabilis Syndicate Owners of  Syrena, Arcturus, Chead Solas,Too Precious, Aibell, Super Network,Song Of The Sky, Perplexity.

owner details Best of the Rest Syndicate Owners of High Sparrow. 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Bjarne Minde the owner of But I Like It  

 Boragh Stud Syndicate owners of Boragh Beat & Grey Waters. 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Brendan A Murphy the owner of Lilmaurice.

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Burnham Plastering and Dry Lining Limited Owners of Us And Them   

owner details Carly Halley owner of Aloha Wish    

 Mrs C C Regalado-Gonzalez owner of Iridessa

owner details Mrs David Neagle owner of Rainbow Moonstone     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours D Hayden owner of Rehoboth Beach.

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Donal O'Connor owner of Touch of Oscar         

owner details D M Forster owner of Si Gaoth. 

owner details Five Guys & a striker syndicate owners of Vinnie The Hoddie. 

owner details Flaxman Stables Ireland LTD the owners of Tigray

 Gigginstown House Stud the owners of Star Max, Embittered, Etincelle Lioterie, Eviscerating, Desir Du Large, Commandant, Wishmoor, Assemble, Midnight Run, Denwork, Smoking Gun, Alighted, Punitive, Conflicted, Shot to hell, Scarlet and Dove, Aforementioned, Cut Em Down, Choungaya, Alighting, Hardback, Imperial Way, Mortal and Moneymaker.

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Headofthefieldsyndicate  owners of Ronnoco.  

 HLT Partnership owners of Roger That.    

 H McCalmont of Norlands Stud the owners of Cava

owner details Joan Brosnan the owner of Cnoc An Oir 
Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Joan Keaney Dempsey owner of Esprit De Luminere

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Joe Schmidt owner of Cosmic Horizon. 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours JP Dunne owner of Silk And Sand, Shadow Seven and Flicker Flame. 

owner details John P Mangan the owner of Good Scent.

 John P McManus the owner of Top Moon, Front View, Gardens Of Babylon, Fightfortheroses, Darasso,Filon D'oudairies, Fine Brunello, Majurca, Sir Erec, Write It Down, Hawthorn, The Moyglass Flyer, Entoucas, Castle Oliver,Inca Gold, Glen Of Aherlow, City Hall, Time To get Up,  Gold Seal, Play With The Wind, Ballyneety, Anywayyoulookatit, Countrywide, Leave Your Mark, Lone Wolf, The Gunner Murphy, Paris Texas, Marlbrook, Rhinestone, Castle Howard, North Carolina, Uisce Beatha, Punches Cross, Aeglos, A Year to Remember, Big Ben, Edwulf, Early Doors, Hallmark, Housesofparliament,High Tide, Immortal Bridge, Ivanovich Gorbatov, Kilclispeen, Landofhopeandglory, Lets Twist Again ,Le Richebourg, Monarch, Outspoken,Slowmotion, Speak Easy, Shady OperatorSuccessor, Sword Fighter, Treasure Chest and Tree of Knowledge.   

owner details Joseph P. O'Brien  the owner of Simple Words ,Eklat De Rire, Melay, Full Moon Magic, Wine List.  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Joseph O'Brien Racing Club  the owners of Serenely & West Coast Time  

Justin Carthy the owner of Rock Fish, and Band of Outlaws.

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Kangyu International Racing (HK) Limited) the owners of Royal Court    

 L Buckley & Jacqueline Beirne owners of MaiFitz's Madonna. 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours LECH Racing Limited owners of Grandmaster Flash     

  Lloyd Williams owner of Master Of Reality, Crockford, Buckhurst, Millswyn, Clarendon, Pasley, Ozone, Delgany,  Latrobe, Dlauro and Swanson.  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Magniers/Shanahan/Carthy owners of Little Light

 Malih Lahej Al Basti the owner of Good Answer

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Margaret O'Rourke the owner of Calorific. 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Mark Dobbin & Philip Antonacci the owners of No Needs Never. 

owner details Martin Donovan the owner of Boston Spray.

owner details Martin O'Sullivan owner of Stronghold, Petit Tartare & Sempo.   

owner details Mathew G Whyte  owner of Holy Hymn  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Michael O'Flynn & Stanley G Watson owners of Twentyman and Jack Dillinger   

 Michael Tabor the owner of Meticulous 

owner details ML Bloodstock Ltd  the owners of Vieux Morvan and Fakir D'oudairies   

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Mohamed Hamad Kahlifa Al Attiyah Owner of Ming 

owner detailsN. Considine & K Bennet the owners of Camile 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours No More After Hours Syndicate the owners of Border Control 

owner details  O'Glynn & P Cummins owners of Best Not Argue   

 Ol' Stock Racing Syndicate the owners of Rapid Pulse, Restless Gale and Dandy Royale 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours  Orbis Bloodstock the owners of Vivax  

owner details P A O'Grady the owner of Subset  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Paul Smith the owner of Recovery Road and Jupiter Road   

 Patrick Pyne the owner of Ballybrowney Jack 

owner details Ronan O'Gara owner of Easy Come Easy Go     
Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Ronnie Bartlett owner of Ash Hill        

owner details Rugby and Racing Syndicate owners of Chateau Conti, Apparition, On Call, The Game Of Life, Chess Grand Master   

owner details Miss Sarah O'Brien owner of Konitho,Ingelara, Lovely is the Rose Vhagar, Joe The Crow and Thermistocles

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Scott C. Heider owner of Kiss For Luck   

Sean O'Driscoll owner of Beautiful Citi   

owner details Sun Bloodstock the owners of Fighting Flame, King's Vow,Loyal Justice, Wisdom Mind, Proud and Elated, King's Field.     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Three Zero One Syndicate the owners of Ifyouhaveaminute      
Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Vincent Kelly the owner and breeder of Colfer Me 

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Wait For Us Syndicate Owners of Tuamhain    

owner details Zhang Yuesheng the owner of Arctic Dream