Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Ana O'Brien  Joseph's sister owner of Tinkerbells Effect

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Anna Mary Kehoe owner of Annie B   

 Mrs A M O'Brien Joseph's mother owner of Keep Believing, Immortal Name, Achlis, Measured, Erlking, Druid's Alter, Chrysalism, Wanchu Bach, Grianain Ailigh, Delgany,Irradiate, Divine Truth, Flaxen, Septimus Severus, Far Fetched, Yadayadaya, Enthused,Centaur, Perfect Pitch,Marylebone

 Mrs C C Regalado-Gonzalez owner of  El Conquistador, San Juan, Patrick Sarsfield, Iridessa  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Margaret O'Rourke the owner of Royal Bungle .         


 Mrs Paul Shanahan & Mrs MV Magnier  the owners of Pepper Sprout    

owner details Miss Sarah O'Brien owner of  San Salvador,  Thermistocles, Kenopsia, Miss Pernickety   UPDATED   

Horse Profile - Jockey ColoursMrWendy O'Leary owner of Big Call      

 Annus Mirabilis Syndicate Owners of  San Andreas, Anything Will Do, Global Equity, Wayfarer, Ozone,Calidus Mirabilis, Light Breeze, Latin Five, Little Clarinet, Syrena,Too Precious.      

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Blackrock Racing Syndicate owners of Arthurian Fame   

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Blue Devil Racing Stable LLC owners of Gin Blossom and Gold Factory     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Bolfry Racing owners of Strawberry Picker     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Burnham Plastering and Dry Lining Limited Owners of Us And Them   

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Capel Street Syndicate Owners of Red Tea & Capel At Dawn    

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Chapaal Syndicate Owners of Geesala Scorpion     

 China Horse Club International Ltd owners of Shooting Spirit      

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners LLC  & Michael House Owners of Celebre   


 Gigginstown House Stud the owners of  Fire Attack, Forged In Fire, Castra Vetera, Forged In Fire, Inviction, Argumental, Battle Of Actum,  Fakir, Eric Bloodaxe, Guttural, Uhthred,Star Max, Embittered, Etincelle Lioterie, Young Turk,Midnight Run, Smoking Gun, Aforementioned, Choungaya, Alighted, Alighting, Imperial Way, Mortal and Moneymaker.        

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Good Counsellors Syndicate owners of Millswyn

owner details Healthy Wood Co Ltd owners of New York Girl

 HLT Partnership owners of Sacramento, Roger That & Royal Affair.    

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Kangyu International Racing (HK) Limited the owners of Glorious Hero    

owner details ML Bloodstock Ltd  the owners of Fun Light, Feux De Bois, Presidencia and Vieux Morvan     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Never Before Syndicate the owners of Never Before & No Days Off    


owner details Newton Anner Stud Ltd the owners of Blackcatblackkitten , Cavell and Mount Jannu     


Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Phoenix Thoroughbreds the owners of Pip's Eagle, Lady Penelope , Spirit Of Sahara & Lord McZie     UPDATED

 Qatar Racing the owners of Line Judge & Kalakaua    

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Richard A Brodie & For The People Racing Syndicate the owners of No Nay Always 

owner details Sun Bloodstock the owners of Noble Heritage, Tower Of Pisa,Dune Of Pilat, Myth Creation, Thames River, London Holiday, Verdon Gorge, Potala Palace, Cimeara, Fighting Flame, King's Vow,Loyal Justice, Wisdom Mind, Proud and Elated, King's Field.   

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Syndicates Racing the owners of Tonkinese, Munaajaat and Deira Surprise          

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Wait For Us Syndicate Owners of Captainofthebounty

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours C Acheson owner of  Zoom Zoom Babe               

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours S Mistry the owner of Thundering Nights

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Charles E Fipke owner of Galileo Dance & Choice Of Mine

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Douglas Taylor owner of Crecerelle     

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours D Hayden owner of Dark Vader with Casse & All In Line Partnership, Rehoboth Beach & Johan The Great . & with All In Line Partnership  owners of Zofar Zogood    

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Declan Brennan owner of Seanbhothar           

 Demi O'Byrne owner of  Shallot, Rockabill and Algeria

owner details Derrick Smith owner of Melliferous & Druids Altar      

owner details JP Farrell owner of Snapollentia & Snapraeceps    

owner details John C Oxley owner of Unforgetable    

 John P McManus the owner of Cerberus, King Pellinor, Lake McKenzie, Pasley, A Wave Of the Sea, Dlauro, Time To Get Up, Edwulf, Moment In History, Music To My Ears, Band Of Outlaws, Abyssinian, Hidden Dragon, Miami Beach, Fakir D'oudairies, Konitho, Galilean, Top Moon, Front View, Gardens Of Babylon, Darasso, Filon D'oudairies, Fine Brunello, Majurca, Entoucas, Glen Of Aherlow, City Hall, Ballyneety, Anywayyoulookatit, Countrywide, Leave Your Mark, Lone Wolf, The Gunner Murphy, Paris Texas, Rhinestone, Uisce Beatha, Punches Cross, A Year to Remember, Early Doors, High Tide, Immortal Bridge, Ivanovich Gorbatov, Fight For The Roses, Landofhopeandglory, Lets Twist Again ,Le Richebourg, Outspoken,Slowmotion, Shady Operator.        

owner details Joseph P. O'Brien  the owner of Gaelic Law, Fifth Fleet, Duncannon Power,Lady Dahlia,  Fantasias.  

owner details Kevin Blake owner of Funny Little Ways        

  Lloyd Williams owner of  Twilight Payment, Numberoneson, Degraves, Hosier, Buckhurst, Presgrave, Rathdowne, Howey, Bligh, Crockford, Latrobe and Swanson.   

silk M Buckley owner of Will Be King        

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Mark Dobbin owner of  Brook On Fifth and Lady Breffni             

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Mark Dobbin & Philip Antonacci the owners of No Needs Never & King Of Stars  

owner details Martin O'Sullivan owner of  Cathmart Desjy ,Deilginis, Stronghold, Petite Tartare & Sempo.       UPDATED

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Michael O'Flynn owner of Camelot Rock       

 Michael Tabor the owner of Bright Idea, Meticulous & Risk Factor      

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Mohamed Ali Meddeb  the owner of  Galileo Chrome        

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Mohamed Hamad Kahlifa Al Attiyah Owner of Al Ruwais, Ming, Juliet Rose and Monopoly  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Nasir Askar  Owner of Speed Line   

 Patrick Pyne the owner of Ballybrowney Jack  

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Paul H Redmond & T.G. Fitzgerald owners of Fame And Acclaim    

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Paul Smith/Magniers/Shanahan/Carthy the owners of Alligator Alley

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Peter A Leidel  owner of  Bombshell   

Horse Profile - Jockey Colours Scott C. Heider owner of  A New Dawn ,Crossfire Hurricane, Pista and Kiss For Luck   

 Sean O'Driscoll owner of Home By The Lee